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My Life’s True Incidents (Boss Eye)

Dear All,
Here I am narrating my true experience which you hard to believe. Incidents & Location is real. I am women age: 26 yrs. from Mumbai, accountant. My husband names Prakash. Our marriage is arrange and no child yet since we get married before 2 yrs. He is an accountant but he quiet his job and open a Super Kirana Shopee near our house.
I have lots of chapters about my life stories. Whenever I get proper response and comments from you all friends, I will write my stories to you.
Excuse me any mistake in English grammar and spelling. I weak in English but try to write in English because we can express such a dirty words respectively in English.
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Carrector of the story
I – Unsatisfied, working women
Prakash – My husband, money minded, Super Shopee Business
Boss – Age 40yrs, sharp minded, Rich
This incident happened in last week. I was in office. My boss always treats me like his daughter so I didn’t have any feelings about him. On Saturday he told me to come office on Sunday due to some important work and some people comes for meeting. Sunday is off day but he called me for some official work. I told my husband that I going office Sunday for some official work.
In the morning I wake up and prepare myself for Sunday meeting. I wore blue saree, black blouse, blue petticoat, black panty and black bra. I take an auto from auto stand and come to office.
First time I came office on Sunday. I reached, and found that view of office that look like NO Mans Land. There was not any staff member. All small rooms were empty.
I went in my cabin and adjusting papers on my table. Suddenly I feel hard palm on my ass chicks. It was my boss who touches me from behind on my ass. I get scared and look at him. He smiled. I was confusing how to react but I give also small smile to him.
Boss – “Aruna. Thanks for coming. Our client will be reached shortly”
I – “Its ok. What I do here for them?”
Boss – “Nothing just stay with me as a personal secretary. “
While saying he looking at my figure. He continued – “Aruna you should wear some short dress for this occasion. Guest comes from out of India so that’s why I am asking you to wear some short dress. In our office you are so beautiful and also confident women so that I called you for this. I hope you understand”
I – “yes but I can’t wear short dress for that”
Boss – “Its k but do some naughty mischief expressions when you welcome them”
I – “I ll do my best” (Smiled)
I went in bathroom and adjust my blouse, saree. I wrapped saree below my navel area and stick my blouse as which shows some cleavage area.
I came out and went in boss cabin. He looked at my cleavage area and hips.
Boss – “Good to see. You are such a beautiful women.” (Smiled)
I just blushed.
Our guest comes. I welcomed them. There were two mans and one women. Office boy arranges foods for all. We started our meeting. Boss explains them about products which they required. I also explain that you should not pay vat for that, we can sold you goods against Form ‘H’. Both are mans looking at my open parts of my body and also looks at my saree blouse which their eyes delighting to see. I also give him cute smiles.
After one hour our session was over and they agreed to release purchase order. Then I went in my office cabin and relax there. They all about to leave. Its 2.00pm I was chatting with friend on facebook. Guests gone. Boss called me and said come to cabin.
I went in his cabin. When I came in cabin he smiled at me. I also smiled. Till date our relation was daughter and father, now he looking at me in lustful eyes. He scans my body.
Boss – “Aruna you did really nice job.”
I – “Thank you sir”
He suddenly stands up and come close to me. He kept his hands on my shoulders.
Boss – “Come on, now we have time for lunch”
I – “Sorry sir but I have to go.”
Boss – “Have you any personal work to do today?”
I – “no but ..”
Boss – “Then please come with me, I want to give you treat against your today’s good work”
He slowly reached his hand on my back and then his hand slowly pressing my ass. I was not any objected him so that his confident was high. His dick was creasing my vagina over saree. I feel too horny as he is good looking, heighted, broad chest man.
I – “okay”
We were looking into each others eyes. his eyes shows that he clearly wanted me. I immediately escape from him.
Boss – “okay lets go”
We were in car to move one of nearest hotel. He ordered lunch for both of us. We were having our lunch. He continuously looking at me. I gave him smile. I was thinking that should I surrender him or not?
He asked – “Aruna !!! I want to say you something. If you like or dislike but do not affect our relationship.”
I – “Sir, please ask”
Boss – “Yes but how can I asked?. Promise me it will be not effect on our relationship. If you like then say YES or if you say NO doesn’t matter.”
I – “sir, please do not make suspense, please ask.”
Boss – “If you permit I want to book a room here and take you in bed for half and hour.”
I silenced for some times. He was looking at me.
I said – “NO”
He feels sad and continues in his lunch. His head was down and continue in lunch.
I also feel bad then I sing a song slowly. “Jan le meri jaan meri naa me hai haan… lala la lllala … meri NA me hai HAAN…
Hearing this he was so happy and looking at my eyes. I blinked my eyes and he got signal. He immediately went to reception and booked a deluxe room. We completed our lunch and moved to room. He kept his hand on my ass while we were going to our room. As soon as we entered in our room he immediately close the door and takes me in his arm and started to kiss me.
I also respond against his kiss. We were kissing about 5minutes.
I – “sir, please do not harm my cloths. I should keep iron good of my cloth.”
Boss – “okay lets undress yourself.”
I – “You do this”.
He immediately removed my saree. Open my blouse and string petticoat. I am semi nude in front of him. Then he removed my bra and immediately takes wall side position. We were standing at wall, not bed. He also removed my panty too. I was completed nude in front of him. My ass, boobs, vagina total open for him.
My milky fair body in front of him. He started to squeeze my boobs. He takes my one ball in his mouth and other squeezing.
He also undresses himself. Now we both were nude. I was stick to wall and he close to me. If someone behind him, No one can see me behind him as he was broad chest, muscular, heighted person. His body color also white. His dick was too big and has solid two balls. He inserts his one finger in my vagina and I take his dick in my palm and started to massage.
After some time he neel down me and give his complete dick in my mouth and started fucking my mouth. I was also taking his whole dick inside my throat. After two minutes he take out his dick and place at my vagina and started pumping. Its WALL DRILL position that we were fucking. He stroking slowly and squeezing my boobs. Biting my ears, back, neck etc…
Boss – “Aruna.. your choot is too good you are my slut.. I always ..wanted to fuck you baby…”
I – “Ohhh Ahhh…. Sir,,, please slow… this position is too hard for fucking.. oohhh.. ouuchcchh… aaahh.. oooo ooooo aahh. Sir… pls….aahhh…”
Boss – “Come on raand.. I know you fucked ..with lots of peoples… every time you get half day leave in a week and went for fucking with bf… I always eye on you where you going..
I – “ooohh sir… you r too smart… aaah h”
Then he take out his dick and lift me and through me on bed. I opened my legs for him. My both legs in his hand and my choot was in front of him. He again inserted his dick in missionary position started fucking. Kissing, biting and fucking.
I – “ohhhh aaahhh.. so nice… yyaa come on baby its tooo good ..fuck me.. ooohhh fuck me.. yaaa yayya sir sir pls ramp me… fast ohhh fast..
Boss – “yes my love… lo lo lo aur lo aaj to tumari choot ko main aisa maja doonga jo kisi ne na diya ho… le aur le… “
I – “ohhhh aaahh”
Then he change position. Now we were in BOOBS THERAPY position. This position is just like doggy style. Women on neel and man also on neel. And dick inserted in vagina from behind. Mans both hand on boobs. He started again fucking. His two balls heat my vagina walls and ass chicks. And his dick ramming my choot hardly. This position he fucked too hard and moaning very loudly.
I – “ ohhh sir …. Please stop.. please.. ohhh bas kijiye na.. ohhhh bahot dard ho raha hai is position me….. aaah sir plssss.. ooohhh”
Boss – “kya karoo darling aaj rook nahi sakta… tera nanga badan dekhkar to mera lund aur aur badhta jar aha hai…….Iske paani chodhne tak to nahi chodunga…..”
I – “ sir… pls dhire dalo …bahot bada hai aapka…. Its too paining..”
I came twice that time and my vagina was soaring that time. his strokes was too hard. He fucked me that he never fucked any women from last couple of years.
Boss – “I am waiting to fuck you since two years a chance to kill you. Lo aur lo .. teri choot me mera lund aur le saali…. Le ..”
I – “ohhhh sir … aaaahh ooohh ooouccchh ……”
After 20 minutes of fucking hard he call me to take another position. Now we were in WOMEN ON TOP position. I get charge for fucking pace. Slowly I started to fuck but he forced hard from below. After 5 minutes he changed his position. He bring me up and take DOGGY STYLE position and fucking hard.
He fucking me too hard as he has to be release his cream. I moaned too loud due to his hard strokes.
After two minutes he releases his load inside my vagina. As soon as he release his cream I feel good. After hard fucking we were relax on bed.
After some time I went in bathroom and take bath. Comes in room and wear my cloths. He also wake up and dress up. He ordered some fruits and juices. We had it and he kissed me lot and presses my boobs and ass over the saree.
Now whenever I stay in office over time. We used to get fucking session at his cabin’s bathroom. My hubby never knew about this. Well I also get promotions. Now my salary scale is much higher then required.
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Thanks & Regards,
My Life’s True Incidents (Boss Eye)

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