Friday, January 15, 2016

First Day At New Office

This story was narrated to me by a female friend of mine.I have written it as per her descriptions.
I was very excited to reach office early morning. It was after hard work of all the school and college that I got this reputed job in hyderabad. I am a student from Delhi.
And I had to convince my parents to send me here.
Alright as it began, just normally I reached my office and was greeted by my senior manager Ankur. I introduced myself to him” Hi I’m Arnika. ”
He gazed me top to bottom. I just smiled at him and went to my cubicle. I was glad reaching this place, as I always ws a career oriented girl.
Soon I was called in to the office of executive manager, Prabhu.
Ohh god I was nervous.
As I entered he was with his secretary who was helping him wear his coat.
She exited and I was asked to take a seat.
Prabhu started the conversation”So arnika, how’s it been so far in the office ?”
“Umm great sir. Everyone is nice. And its a nice environment. ”
“Lovely. Umm. Where are you putting up?”
“I managed a pg sir.”
“Ohh. Alright. Did you get the office memo before joining? ”
” Yes sir. Absolutely. And I read it quite carefully.”
“Perhaps, I can see. What did it mention?”
“About the punctuality and discipline In the office. ”
” Ohh so you did read it miss arnika? And nothing about your threads? Your dress? Did it mention anything? ”
Ohh damn, it was written clearly that skirts and shorts are not allowed. Only proper formal dress shall be worn.
“I.. I guess I missed it sir. I am sorry for that.”
“No no no.. no miss arnika.. That’s fine.. it’s your first day.. You might want to look a bit tempting you know.’wink’.”
And he crackled a laugh.
I was feeling very ashamed. How could I do such a blunder.
“Pls stand up.”
As I stood with my face down.
“This is no more your school or college miss arnika. A mistake means a retribution. ”
“I didn’t get you sir.”
“Alright. Let us change the topic. What are stats miss arnika?”
Whaaat?? Did he really mean those stats? Like my physical stats?
“I’m sorry sir. But what stats?”
” Alright that’s enough. Stop acting like a dumb bitch now. What’s your bra size?”
He asked as if he was asking my surname.
I kept quite wondering what the hell was this going on.
“What?? What’s wrong with you? Come on tell quick. ”
“It’s. …. its 32b-28-36..”
I was blushed to hell.
“Wooooaa.. you got some ass chick.. Turn around. .”
“Sir its really not required. I’m sorry for what I did.”
“Excuse me?? What? What the fuck do you mean by that? You ignore the rules on your very first day? And you think of getting away with it? ”
“No sir.”
“Look if you wanna keep this job you must obey my rules and my orders. Do you get that? ”
“Yes sir”
“Alright, take this shirt out of your skirt now. ”
Omg.. what was happening. My dream job was turning into a nightmare.
But I thought just to get off with it for the moment.
I pluck out my shirt from my skirt. It was a light pink shirt.
“Take off that skirt. Quick. ”
“No. M not doing that.”as I starting sobbing.
“Miss arnika you are fired from the job.”
“Ohh god. Sir no. Plz. No. I’m really apologetic. ”
“Skirt off your ass. Quick. ”
I just did it so. I really don’t know why. Did I want that job so bad ?
“Alright give it to me.
You can leave now.”
Thus was the statement that left me terrified.
“Like this? In a shirt? ”
“If you want you can take that off as well. Now please excuse me. I’ve got some jobs to do.”
And I stepped out of his office.
Standing just beside the water cooler sobbing. What had happened in there?
But right now my focus was to pass away the day.
I took a newspaper from the stand.
Hid my torsoe and below so that no one could make out what was missing and ran to my cubicle.
As I sat on my chair.
Ankur came”Hey pretty girl. What’s wrong?are you crying? ”
“No just . Just like that. ”
He came inside the cubicle.
“Hey. Iphone has been launched. Show me that.” And took away the newspaper.
“Woooahhh.. Arnika.. what happened? ”
As I almost started an outburst. I asked him. “Please don’t make a scene here.”
“Ohh no no no..Ohh god.was it prabhu?”
“Ohh good lord. But I must say those are some really sexy thighs. ”
I blushed a bit. And I felt a hand on my inner thigh.
“Ankur? Plz.Stop it.”
“Do you want me to call everyone? ”
“No. Not that. ”
“Good girl. Pink panty. I love those. Ohh god you are Fucking hot.”
He kept caressing my thighs.
I just had no idea what to do now. Let him use me like this or be a mockery in front of whole office.
I preferred the former.
“Umm.. shaved han?
Ready for action you bitch?
Alright move to my office. I got some urgent job for you. ”
I was lucky my cubicle was in the end of the office. I rose up and entered his office.
“Ohh arnika.. cmmon girl. Get off your clothes quick.”
I did so. As I unbuttoned my shirt , prabhu entered.
“See I told you she’s a slut.”
“Ya man. She’s a nice slut. Shaved you know?”
They were talking about me. My body. I was feeling disgusting and yet it was turning me on as well.
Then the ordeal began:
Prabhu quickly stripped me of my clothes and staring fondling with my breast.
Meanwhile ankur started inserting his finger into me.
I just realised and yelled.
“Hey both of you. Plz be soft. I’m a virgin.”
“Damn… you liar. You whore.. how could a slut like you be virgin. ”
“Hahaha ya right.. Let’s show her some respect bhai.”
“Suck this dick you bitch.. suck it like a pro.”
I started from his tip and swallowed a bit; but then suddenly someone thumped my head so deep I was gagging.
I gave them both a blowjob. The best I could.
“Alright mate time check her Virginia. Hahaha. ”
“Alright ankur you take it first.”
He had an average cock. No I didn’t know what was a big cock or small one but now I surely do.
He thrusted hard into me as I squeaked but realised where I was.
Prabhu quickly filled my mouth with his enormous 8″.
Ya now I do know sizes.
Pretty soon ankur came inside me.
Ohh yuck.. it felt awful.
That sick bastard.
I was feeling a bit tired.
Then suddenly I felt ankur put his hands around my face.
“What are you doing? I can’t see a thing. ”
He blindfolded me.
“Well good. Because you are not supposed to.”
I felt a hand on my ass.
“Time for the cherry brother.”
Ohh god . No not that. I had heard a lot about how painful it was in the ass.
He put some lube or whatever it was and all the while I was pleading him
“No plz no. Not in my ass. No not there.”
That cruel bastard didn’t even consider my request.
And thwat. In one full force into my ass.
I just couldn’t take it and screamed aloud.
“Ohhh auuu…noooo…”
This was enough to attract the attention of entire office.
But there was no stopping that cruel bastard. He fucked the hell out of me. I couldn’t even see what was going around.
“Ohh good god.. that’s some ass.. awesome gaand yaar..perfect. .. I love her..Ohhhh fuck… be my slut you whore..”
I could barely hear him now..
And he shot inside my ass as well.
I was disgusted with all this but relieved that it was over.
But was it?
Ankur announced” alright gentlemen. The slut gates are open.”
10? 15? 20?
Entire office was there .
All I remember after that is god knows who fucked me where?
Almost all of them took turns on me, my vagina, my ass, my mouth,
Everything was fucked.
“Alright guys her office timings are till 6. So please no overtime. “And ankur giggled away.
When my blindfold was removed it was 8.30 pm
The secretary. Prabhu’s secretary came to me.
“So you had your first day. Welcome to the office. Now you are slut of this office and behave like one. Good luck. ”
I could never have thought my first day at office being such...........................................................................................First Day At New Office..............

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